Our Pastor

Rev. Terry Epling













I thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and love for one another. We now have the privilege of joining together our gifts, talents and efforts in seeing the Garrett Presbyterian Church grow spirutally and numerically. 

God has led us together into a ministry of challenges and opportunities. We have the challenge of being a congregation of believers who love one another as Jesus Christ has loved the church. We have the opportunity to build up and encourage each other in the faith. We have the challenge to reach our young people who are bombarded with enormous peer pressure and temptations. We have the challenge of reaching out to those who have lost: loved ones, jobs, their marriages and an adequate support group.

The Good News is that as God calls us to these challenges and opportunities, God also equips us for them. Praying, working, laughing and striving together as a team will accomplish not only the fullfillment of these challenges, but the furthering of God's Kingdom right here in Garrett.

May God Bless us together as we strive to be a radiant and humble people of this community and follow God's call to new challenges and opportunities.

In God's Service,

The Session of the Garrett Presbyterian Church